If you wish to speak with an ACA member, we refer your to the Meeting lists (Danish or English) where you may find contact person for some of the groups in your area.


Do you have questions about the ACA programme? Is ACA for you or just curious? Please send an email to

For further information about ACA in English, we recommend that you visit the website of the ACA World Service Organization at

Do you wish to add a new ACA meeting or a new ACA group to the Danish ACA meeting list, or do you have changes to an existing meeting? Remember to give information on time and date of the meeting as well as contact person (name + initial, mobile number and/or email) to request to add new meetings.
Please see the folder: Opstart af grupper [Starting a new meeting].
Please contact the Webmaster of ACA Denmark:

Do you wish to have other information added to the website (everything but information related to meetings/groups), or du you have questions or comments to the website? If you request is related to step workshop or other events, please remember to give information on time and date of the event as well as a contact person (name + initial, mobile number and/or email address).
Contact the Webmaster of ACA Denmark:

Do you wish to order books, booklets or coins to your group?
Please look under Litteratur [Literature] and the page: Sådan bestiller du [How to order] – Only in Danish

Question about the finances of ACA Denmark, 7. tradition, invoices regarding ordered literature
Contact the ACA Denmark Treasurer:

Du you or your group have a proposal for the Danish Service Group?
Please contact the Service Group:

See also: Næste SGM [Next Service Group Meeting (SGM)]

Please note! You may find more information about the Service Group in the document Servicegruppens arbejde [The work of the Service Group] – only in Danish

If you wish to contact one of the Service Committees of ACA Denmark, you may find more information under: Serviceudvalg [Service Committees]

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