Adult Children Fellowship Name Change Survey

The Name Study Ad-Hoc Committee was created by the 2022 Annual Business Conference (ABC). The committee’s purpose is to explore changing the fellowship’s name, logo, acronym, and any other identifying marks to include dysfunctional families. This committee will provide updates at the 2023 ABC and a final report at the 2024 ABC.

The committee is getting input from the fellowship to gather the opinions of members.  A link to the survey is provided below. It is encouraged that all members of the fellowship complete this survey.  The survey will be open through May 31, 2023.

Please share the link with the members of your meetings, intergroups, or region

Please only take the survey once.

The committee will be exploring associated costs in both time and money throughout 2023 and 2024.

Survey Link:

In Service,

The Name Study Ad-Hoc Committee

If you are interested in joining the committee please email