Nyheder om 2020 ABC/AWC

Opslaget er sidst opdateret 15-04-2020.

Planerne for et virtuelt verdenskonvent tager form.

Se den foreløbige plan for AWC på ACA WSO’s hjemmeside:


Som følge af coronakrisen bliver både ACA’s Annual Business Conference (ABC) og Annual World Conference (AWC) afholdt online via Zoom.us i år.

Følg med på den særlige hjemmeside for ABC og AWC, som snart vil blive opdateret med mere information herom:


Uddrag af ACA nyhedsbrevet The Traveler, april udgaven:

2020 ABC/AWC News

The 2020 ABC/AWC in Florida has been moved to an entirely online format due to COVID-19

Register Now for the 2020 Online ABC!

The 2020 Annual Business Conference will be conducted entirely online, in response to the coronavirus emergency. The ABC will be held 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Eastern US Time (ET), April 23 and 24.
OBS – Dette svarer til følgende tidspunkter i Danmark: Kl. 15:00 – 23:00.

Participating delegates must register at www.acaworldconvention.org, and identify a registered ACA group, intergroup or region that you are representing. Even if you previously registered to serve as an in-person or online ABC delegate, before the Florida event was canceled, you must register again for the all-online ABC. Click here to register or re-register as a delegate.

The delegate registration deadline is Monday, April 20th at 12:00 pm Eastern US time. The Monday deadline is necessary so that all technical preparations can be made for each delegate’s participation in an all-online event.
OBS – deadlinen svare til følgende tidpunkt i Danmark: 21. april kl. 6:00.

Delegate training, which will be provided before the ABC, is described in a separate Traveler article. All delegates are strongly encouraged to read all delegate binder materials before the ABC begins, so that they are prepared to discuss the agenda items. Non-delegates will be able to hear the proceedings, but not participate.

More details will be announced when they are available. Regular updates will be posted at www.acaworldconvention.org, and at WSO’s service website, www.acawso.org.

Each Meeting and Intergroup Designates a Delegate

All Delegates must register first at acaworldconvention.org.

The business of the WSO is conducted at the ABC primarily by the Delegates, who are chosen by their group to be their representative. Some information about becoming a Delegate – the role and responsibilities – may be found on the Delegate Training Page. This page will be updated periodically, so refer back, as needed.

2020 ACA World Convention Goes Virtual!  

A virtual ACA World Convention is being planned for this April 2020 right after the 2020 Remote ABC. The draft plan is to hold zoom ACA Meetings and ACA recovery and service workshops from 10:00 am Eastern Time (ET) Saturday April 25th Through (ending at) Sunday April 26th 12:00 pm (ET).
OBS – dette svarer til følgende tidspunkt i Danmark: Lørdag den 25. april, fra kl. 16:00 til søndag den 26. april, kl. 18:00.

26 Hours of ACA meetings around the globe. Groups around the world will be asked to help chair the meetings. Please look for announcements about the event planning and official schedule via email and our websites. 

Contact svc@acawso.org or abc@adultchildren.org for more information.

Se mere her: https://acawso.org/2020/03/28/2020-virtual-aca-world-convention/